Some commercial roofing services we specialize in:

Numerous benefits can be obtained from single-ply roofing. As a single-sheet roof, it is easier to install and less cumbersome than a constructed roof, thus saving considerable time and resources. As a result, you may save a lot of weight by having one layer of asphalt instead of multiple layers that can impact the strength of your structure. UV-reflective single-ply roofing can also be able to reduce solar heat gain by keeping them cool.

Despite the fact that each roof must be evaluated individually, silicone spray coatings have grown to become a popular solution for easy roof fixes. Using liquid roof products, existing roofs can be weatherproofed without having to undergo a costly replacement. Among the many roof coating options available today, silicone spray coating stands out for being a powerful, cost-effective, and long-term solution for many building owners.

Modified bitumen roofs aren’t difficult to install, so the labor cost is lower than that of other heavier and more labor-intensive roofs. Considering these benefits, modified bitumen roofing is one of your best options today when it comes to roofing materials.

The best choice for your project is insulation roofing, whether you wish to build a brand-new garage or renovate your attic. Almost every environment can be enhanced with insulation roofs. Insulation Roofing can withstand temperature fluctuations and resist moisture below-grade, as well as termites and carpenter ants if treated properly.

Usually, low-slope roofing are covered with a continuous membrane to prevent standing water accumulations. Continuous sheets of the membrane are adhered together with adhesives. Among the more expensive options for low-slope or flat roofs is the use of copper or tin-coated metal roofs. These metal panels are interlocked and soldered together.

Incorrect diagnosis often leads to roof leaks being ignored

Misdiagnosis of the source of a roof leak is the most common reason for a persistent leak problem. As a result of an initial misdiagnosis, an insufficient amount of repair work is carried out. Our team employs the latest technology to accurately determine the location of roof leaks the first time. Having years of experience and a quality work ethic, we save our clients time and money.

Infrared scanning is used to pinpoint the exact location of moisture inside buildings exposed to a commercial roofing leaks because the concern is difficult to identify. We can scan wet areas using infrared technology. The philosophy of Parsons dictates that we follow this method in order to make informed decisions regarding our actions. 

Improper material use on the commercial roofing can be a bad choice too.

Contractors hired to repair roof leaks often use cheaper materials when repairing leaks because inexperienced crews are inexperienced. Home improvement stores regularly sell tar for use on small projects, for which it is not a suitable choice. Despite saving money upfront, when the same problem persists, it can end up costing them later on.

Commercial roofing isn't easy with a running business

For commercial roofs, it necessarily requires skilled contractors and quality materials. Although residential roofing is usually an easy process, commercial roofing can be quite complicated with a variety of factors to consider. Additionally, there are exterior piping systems, rooftop HVAC systems, solar panels, external utilities, and more to consider for a commercial roof. Due to the multiple layers of a commercial roof, it can be more difficult to fix a leak, and it requires different skills than fixing a leak on a residential roof. Any company providing commercial roofing services knows exactly what it takes to repair or install commercial roofing.

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There are no small or big jobs

If you have a more complex building, like an apartment complex, such as a multi-story building or a large industrial complex, we can install a brand-new roof or repair a damaged roof. Commercial roofing is complicated and requires durability and long-term performance. It takes a special kind of roofer to oversee and work on these projects to ensure a quality finish. An investment in a commercial roofing project can be a big one that costs heavily, so you should ensure you get the most out of it. To help with your commercial roofing needs, we have seasoned roofing professionals with exceptional training and experience.

Good roofs create a nice environment

Commercial Roofing and private rooftops generally have a very similar capacity for securing the property. In any case, they are very unique with regard to the materials used to construct and how to install them.

Roofs need to be safe

Roof Inspection

A big roof needs a high-quality and timely inspection.

Roof Installation

Installation is a part that needs to be taken care of properly.

Roof Maintenance

With silicone spray coatings done, maintenance is minimal.

Your roof looks after you, same is expected of you

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